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on 13 websites. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us on this wedensday morning. good morning. the nasdaq rocked to 4,000. what's next larry? > >i think economic momentum is behind us. i think we're gonna continue to rally. too much negativity out there, especially in the tech sector. it's not gonna be easy but i think we're gonna continue to ratchet higher. > >what do you think about the holiday trade today as traders prepare to head out of town? > >we even saw it beginning yesterday. just lack of conviction, not a whole lot of volume. liquidity is really thin. if you have risk out there right now it's probably a good time to take it off the table and wait for next week. > >what about some stocks to watch? > >interesting. i think two of my favorites right now---i can't believe i'm saying this but delta airlines is one of my favorites. i've never recommended airline stocks but with the consolidation of the airline industry, they're in a position to do very very well. other than that, clif natural resources. i believe in steel and iron ore. it's got beaten up very hard this yea
joins us on this wednesday. larry is it a good time or a bad time for a first timer to get into the stock market? > >a tough question but slow and steady finishes the race. so dollar cost averaging into the stock market, being very diversified, not trying to chase the next best thing should be okay. > >what hints will people look for today with the minutes coming from the fed? > >i think they're gonna look for are they gonna change the inflation threshold or the unemployment rate threshold. those are the things that bernanke hinted at last month that caused so much volatility in the market. so that's what everybody's gonna be watching today. > >why is there so much weakness in the dollar? > >i think a lot of it is just interest rate differential between europe and the u.s. it's persistent. the euro is up about 8% against the dollar since july. many people think that this is gonna end at some point because we are dovish, yellen is dovish. but with europe being in the baby steps of recovery at the end of the day they're gonna have to be more dovish than us. hence the euro sho
richter of performance trust joins us on this wednesday morning for a close look at the bond market. good morning to you. > >good morning angie. > >what will you be looking for in the market today? especially on the heels of that auction that we had yesterday in the market. > >the auction may have been relevant. i think bigger news that the bond market is still wrestling with is friday's non farm payroll. it came out much larger than expected and it had a pretty violent impact on treasures. they had a pretty significant selloff across really anything longer than five year maturities and out. it was a painful day and i think the market is still wrestling with is the market gonna taper as a result of the news on friday. > >exactly. my personal opinion is there might be the possibility of some taper action before the end of the year. i know a lot of people probably disagree with that, but what is the bond market telling you? > >if you look at what happened on friday the 5-10 year part of the curve sold off 11-14 basis points---that's a big move. and the long bond was off about the same amoun
is data dependent and we don't believe that we're gonna see that data change very much. the u.s. economy is still in trouble. they're still gonna accomodate loose money policies still on the table. the stocks are going to march higher. whether you think it's manipulated or not, that's just the world we live in today. > >how have you been handling the hedge funds? they've been taking these large shots at companies, making a lot of news, a lot of noise. but what have you been doing as a trader with that information? > >unfortunately as a trader you have to have better timing and keep an eye on when they come and when they go. they are cyclical and they all act at once. but right now we have to have better timing and we can't use our big positions all at once. we have to slowly piece ourselves into the market because we can't afford to let it all go at once because these hedge funds are so big that that could really cost us some money. > >the ipo market has been hot this year. it's up about 43% compared to last year. did you buy any ipo's? are you buying any ipo's? > >we're gonna say this--
with regulators so it can merge with us. airways. a consumer group objects over the potentially of higher air fare. the national catheral in dc will start to charge a $10 tourist fee next year. time now for trader talk with glenn schultz of performance trust. good morning to you. > >hi. how are you? > >with so much emphasis on the nasdaq potentially closing above 4,000 what's the bond market reaction? > >the bond market's reaction actually has been positive. so we're seeing positive correlation between bonds and stocks. that positive correlation is largely being driven by the federal reserve's quantitative easing program. so we saw the 2 year note yesterday. it went off very favorably. that shows that investors are beginning to believe the federal reserve's statements with respect to holding long term statements near zero. now the 10 year note also rallied but what we may see as we go forward and the equity markets push new highs, we may see the 10 year begin to sell off some more on that. so right now the 2 year 10 year spread is about 240 basis points---so there is room for that to widen. > >it
shover of sfg alternatives has his eye on the market for us today. good morning to you, larry. > > good morning. > > tesla shares tumbled last night. now earnings came out-- i didn't think the numbers were so awful, but was it just not good enough for wall street? > > well i think considering the stock as of 400 percent on the year, a lot of fast money owns the stalks so they want to see a huge, exceeding in earnings or revenues and the fact is that they exceeded a little bit but it wasn't a huge and beat, so that fast money is going to sell. keep in mind long-term it's a good stock, and if you see a drawdown like that it's probably a good time to get in. > > it can always turn around. now larry what else is catching your eye and the market? > > well oil is catching my mind. i mean oil has gone down quite a bit in the last six weeks-- a lot of it's due to the strength in the dollar but today that's not the case. it's really a lot more because of inventories. inventories are stuck very high-- much higher than most people expect. > > any chance that we'll see an oil drip as far as gas pri
bottle. liane feldstein of fc stone joins us now. good morning to you. > > good morning. > > so we have a jobs number coming out at the end of the week. how you think the market will perform a head of that? > > well the market might kind of slow down a little bit. we don't have a lot of economic data coming out this week as opposed to last week when we were still making up from reports from when the government shutdown, but this economic report is a week late and so this throws a lot of things out of balance and we can also see the number be a little bit off because of the government shut down-- were these workers counted in but did any of them actually apply for unemployment so i think the market will be unsure of what to expect and how to react and might take it pretty easy. > > as far as economic data what else do you think people should be watching-- especially average investors? > > well it's very interesting right now. last week's data pointed to a slowing down of the economy and this week since we don't have a lot of data one of the most important things of course will be the jo
. joining us now to talk all about the market. good monday morning to you today and of course we are facing a holiday week here, so what do you anticipate as far as as far as volumes in the trading market? > well volumes are going to be thin. we are not open on thursday. it's the end of the month, you have to be careful these quiet markets tend to be volatile and because there's not a lot of selling behind you it's hard to get short. quiet markets tend to gravitate sideways to slightly higher, be careful about getting short because you are going to need that calvary to come in, let you out and then sell it back to you. it's an ominous there and like some good advice. thank you for that scott. moving on to your plays. are you doing anything with the s&p 500 right now? > you know we are. we have continued to stay long, we have added the long positions and calls that are expiring in jan. we think that we don't see any decent economic indicators that are gonna make a change our mind about the economy still. staying difficult and going forward we also have bought some 10 year treasure puts beca
ellis of green square capital joins us now. he gets us up-to-date on the market action for the day. good morning to you lincoln. > >good morning angie. this is one hot market. do you see any signs of a slow down out there? > >not really. we made new highs across most of the major equity markets here in the united states and we seem to be peaking across europe. the only place it isn't is in the emerging economies and those have been back and forth. in terms of the end of the year, probably a little bit of melt up and then flatline for 2014. > >what about the bond market which reopens today. it was closed yesterday for veterans day and we just had the jobs number out on friday. will they be buying in bulk? > >3, 10, and 30 years are up for auction this week in the bond market. that combined with janet yellen's testimony up on the hill on thursday could put a bit of volatility into that bond market. keep your eyes peeled. > >what about the syria situation? are you seeing anything intensifying in the market? anything starting to boil up? > >we really haven't seen or heard from syria in quite
. chris gersch of altimus capital joins us on the show now. dow 16 thousand. chris, where do we go from here? > >good morning. i think right now, although this is the top, i think that we are going to have a great position this morning to cash in. i think that there has been a lot of momentum coming from asia and we've seen the yen continue to weaken and that's carried momentum all the way into yesterday. i believe unless we have a continued buying spree by the fed, there's more talks of tapering and i think that's really gonna put a top here around that 16 thousand mark in the dow. > >what else would you do with your money? > >suprisingly enough i've had 3 calls by major investors in my fund asking about bitcoin. so i actually flew up to canada to bitcoin embassy and i talked to them. actually a programmer of mine went to work for them. this bitcoin thing seems to be real. so i'm looking at it as potential but right now i'm putting it in cash. > >what do you think about the latest jobs claim showing us this level we've not seen for years. > >i think this is all positive. i think the jo
is here to get the ball rolling us this morning. good morning to you. > good morning angie. as investors are watching the stock market go higher and higher. what is your best advice here, should they be going long the bonds or long the markets or short on both? > i think cash is your friend and and you want to be careful and investing at these levels because there is a lot of uncertainty out there in the marketplace, we do like nontraditional fixed income places like a unicipal bonds that have taken beating and there's some good value there or if you have your b-r-b-s or find alternative equity managers that are good stock pickers. those are good places. how will the friday trade shape up? we have the hearing yesterday with janet yelling on capitol hill so what will likely be the bonds reaction in the market today? > well the market is has absorbed the testimonies in the confirmation hearings very well. and that's largely because janet yelling may not look like it but she really is ben bayankeys twin. we have seen a lot of very accommodating talk coming out of the confirmation hearing
.and, the tribune has a plan on the table to cut 700 newspaper jobs. mark sebastian of swan wealth advisors joins us now for a look at the trading day. good morning mark. a lot of people are still buzzing about those fomc minutes that were released yesterday. > >i think a lot of people were expecting the talk to be march or april of next year. the talk was we can taper whatever we want. we can taper up or we can taper down. they can adjust their bond buying program at their own will and i think that caught people off guard. that's why we saw the s &ps give up their gains yesterday. > >what about the retail numbers that are coming in and we're starting to close in on the holiday season. > >it's been interesting. a lot of the names that have been consistently great continue to kill it. tjx for example, the only store that can bring family dollar shoppers and nordstrom shoppers to the same spot, had a great quarter. whereas some of the rebound names---your best buy's of the world---i think they overran their target a little bit. so i think you're seeing some of these turnaround stories take it in the c
and oil edged 52 cents lower. daniel stecich of athena advisor services joins us on this friday morning to get the ball rolling with a look at the market. good morning to you! > >good morning how are you? > >i'm doing well. we call this trader talk but today i'm calling it twitter talk because everybody's talking about twitter. did you buy the stock on the first day daniel? > >no i didn't buy it. i think ultimately it will be a good stock but until they can figure out how to monetize their product----and it is a good product----but they can't figure out how to make money yet. i'm not gonna touch it. i'll let the thing drop down a little and get a better handle on what they'll actually do going forward. > >outside of twitter there's another big deal in the market and it's the jobs number coming out today. what's your anticipation? > >right now expectations are for 120 thousand with an uptick in 7.3% on the unemployment rate itself. and this is an interesting number. normally you have a one way or the other but this time i think the direction might be the same no matter what. if we have a
to compete against red box and netflix. todd horwitz of average joe options joins us now and we want to talk about that record run in the stock market with you, but i know you're a doomer and gloomer so are you buying into this rally? > > good morning angie, you know if i could sing i would sing up and away my beautiful balloon because i think this is a bubble and if we take a look at the russell-- the russell let us up and the russell was down quite a bit yesterday. > > so what does was that mean? > > well you know the small caps and the nasdaq typically lead the market and then the rest usually catches up. so right now we're seeing a lot of weakness in the russell after last wednesday's key reversal and minor weakness in the nasdaq. that's just an indication that maybe were approaching some sort of a tie up here. but again i am not going to fight it-- i'm not buying in but i'm not selling it yet. > > the market will have to digest news coming in from the ecb today. what do you think that will mean for the dollar and gold and some of the big commodities? > > well i think you're going to see
strength. larry shover of sfg alternatives join us on this monday morning. good morning to you larry. > >good morning. > >it's a yellen kind of a week but it's also another week that we could see another record run. > >it could be. last week was six weeks in a row of the market being up. a lot of people blaming it on the fact that yellen is somehow---but nothing's really changed except they just reiterated the zero interest rate policy and how that's gonna be extended for a long period of time. that's going to help underpin risk settlement. > >and yet crude has been on a losing streak. the biggest one we've seen in a long time. > >you're exactly right and boy i'd like to say it's gonna continue but i'm afraid we're almost at the end of it. right now it's below break even points for refineries, for producers. at this point, they're gonna scale back to get that price back up. > >warren buffett came out and said he has a big stake in exxon. would you take that same stake? > >i would for his reasons. it's got a great dividend. it's got a good history and it has a big control in the wti m
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relief package. jim richter of performance trust joins us on this tuesday morning for some trader talk. he has his eyes all over this market. good morning to you jim. > >good morning angie. > >we are watching the record setters in the market. will it continue into trading today? > >yesterday was a big day for the stock market. lots of great headlines angie---for folks like you in the media. one of the things we're focused on was the fact that s &p is trading around 20 times earnings and so clearly the investors have an appetite for risky assets, but they have an appetite for risky assets until they don't. when the market gets around these levels you just gotta be a little more careful. > >we have some comments coming from a fed president this week already. is the bond market paying attention to those comments? what do you think? > >i read new york fed president william dudley's speech and from my perspective he was really talking out of both sides of his mouth. he said that he was getting more hopeful but it's very difficult to follow the direction when they're talking on both sides of
traps... plus.... in traders unplugged-- the guys tell us whether investing in digital money is worth the risk. first business starts now! good morning! it's friday, november 1st. in today's first look: stocks continue to drop. for the second session in a row the market fell. yesterday, the dow lost 73 points, the nasdaq 11, s&p 6. gold tumbled 27 dollars and oil 53 cents. still it was outstanding october. the s&p rallied 4.5% the nasdaq up 3.9% and dow up 2.8% amoung earning after the close-- aig and first solar. aig shares fell 3% on earnings that topped estimates but the sales number fell shy of estimates. first solar-- doubled profits and raised its outlook that stock shot up 7% as we wrap up the week, lincoln ellis of green square captial joins us now from the floora semigroup to talk about today's market action a hand what is your outlook for november? > well november will be a bit of a position squaring month we think. we have had a very significant run over the course of the last two weeks and getting ahead of both the selling that happens for a tax reasons and other reasons
of average joe options joins us on this thursday morning for a closer look at the stock market. good morning to you. > >good morning angie. > >we keep hearing how lower gas prices are helping the consumers. do you think that lower gas prices will be a driver for people to buy more stocks? > >no i don't think so. i think what you're really seeing here angie is a lot of the retail investors have now come back into the market. in fact, as of yesterday we are at our highest level of retail participation since 2008. > >so what about the volatility index? it's around 13. it's very sluggish over the last 3 months or so. what do you think? > >what the market is telling us is they know we can only go up and we're never going down again. there is absolutely no fear. there's only options sellers. there's no options buyers right now. we know over history that eventually this will work out ot be a recipe for disaster. but for now it's hard to fight the overall trend in volatility is going lower so if you're an options player you should be an options seller right now. > >what do you like about the stock m
day in several states and cities across the u.s. don't forget to vote. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us on this tuesday morning. good morning larry. > > good morning. > > we are closing in on that twitter ipo. what would be your play on the debut day? > > yeah i think my play would be to wait to fade the move-- buy it lower because i'm really sure that's going to happen. i mean consider what happened with the other ipo's: facebook, groupon-- especially groupon. it just cratered after it came out and it's fresh on everybody's mind. also think about the fact that both facebook and linkedin were earning a profit when they ipo- ed. twitter is still not earning a profit. i think the ipo is going to be faded and a good buy for the long-term. > > you're a smart guy. you're watching these markets. so if you had $1,000, what would you buy right now? > > you know right now i think i would chase the money with the big boys-- the hedge funds. right now they're still buying cyclical stocks. two of my favorites happen to be union pacific and google... and i know google has had a
of swan wealth advisors is keeping tabs of the market for us today. good morning mark. good to see you back on the show. > >good morning. > >will we see follow through from the jobs number in the market today? > >i think it's entirely possible. it's a bank holiday, the bond market's closed. expect volumes to be pretty light but i wouldn't be shocked to see a little push through and follow through from friday's action. > >did the jobs number cause fears to rise over fed tapering? > >yeah, it did but maybe that's a good thing. on friday we saw the 10 year yield rally and the stock market rally at the same time. maybe the stock market's telling us that if we get good enough numbers a rally in the 10 year yield is pretty ok. > >what do you think about your buy list? what's on your list right now? > >i really like the financials. xlf, citigroup. morgan stanley crushed earnings and is a great turnaround story. the other name i really like is michael kors. they are just absolutely crushing coach right now. if you're in the mid-tier or high-end luxury brands then i like michael kors a lot. > >
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21